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Bianca Taylor Podcast

Welcome to the Bianca Taylor Podcast!

Here we will be having a lot of vulnerable and conscious conversations in the hopes of inspiring you, making you laugh, or maybe even opening up some new reflections that you have not come across before within yourself. 

From spirituality to sex to beauty standards, mental health, and feminism, Bianca Taylor will be having discussions with an array of guests full of specialties and stories.

So grab a cup of tea and your favorite vegan snack, to join in on these thought provoking, sometimes emotional, and often giggly conversations. Thanks for being a part of the family. 

Feb 17, 2022

Renown breathwork coach, co founder of Owaken breathwork, and intuitive Helle Weston joins Bianca today as they talk about "coming out of the spiritual closet" and different modalities of healing. If you're someone who is feeling called to explore your spirituality and intuitive gifts, this episode can offer insight and inspiration for following that call.



0:00 Intro

1:30 Finding Breathwork

9:53 The Power of Breath

15:30 Coping with Trauma

20:59 Embracing Spiritual Gifts 

28:05 Your Inner Guidance

35:20 Honoring our Gifts

46:25 How to Get Started

54:21 Conclusion



Hellè Weston is one of the new breed of thought leaders bridging esoteric and ancient wisdom with life in the modern age.

Through her unique combination of deep Mindset Coaching, Breathwork, Channeling and Energy Medicine, Hellè powerfully supports truth-seekers to find clarity from within, leading to more inspiration, meaning, love and positive impact in their lives.

Originally from New Zealand, she is now based in Bali and leads trainings for thousands of women and men around the world both live and online.



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