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Bianca Taylor Podcast

Welcome to the Bianca Taylor Podcast!

Here we will be having a lot of vulnerable and conscious conversations in the hopes of inspiring you, making you laugh, or maybe even opening up some new reflections that you have not come across before within yourself. 

From spirituality to sex to beauty standards, mental health, and feminism, Bianca Taylor will be having discussions with an array of guests full of specialties and stories.

So grab a cup of tea and your favorite vegan snack, to join in on these thought provoking, sometimes emotional, and often giggly conversations. Thanks for being a part of the family. 

May 29, 2019

Today we dive into the complexity of defining beauty with plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kanevsky MD. 

Dr. Jonathan Kanevsky is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He completed his undergraduate degree in microbiology and immunology at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He was fortunate to attend McGill medical school on academic scholarship and graduated at the top of his class. After medical school, Dr. Kanevsky completed a 5-year highly competitive residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery at McGill University. He still teaches medical students at the McGill faculty of medicine on the topic of medical Innovation and management of burn wounds. As a surgeon-scientist Dr. Kanevsky has authored over 30 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, US patents and presentations at international academic conferences on topics related to artificial intelligence in healthcare, technology, regenerative medicine and other topics in plastic surgery. After completing his residency Dr. Kanevsky moved to Southern California with his wife, Kate to pursue a fellowship in aesthetic surgery with some of the top surgeons in Beverly Hills. 

In 2014, Dr. Kanevsky received the Plastic Surgery Foundation Innovation challenge award for developing a medical devices that decreases scar formation. He served as Chief Medical Officer for Mohs Precision Tools and led research in devices that improve the treatment of skin cancer. 
Since 2013, Dr. Kanevsky has been actively involved in bringing artificial intelligence to healthcare. He has worked as a medical specialist consultant for Google and regularly advises startups in the healthcare space. He is currently serving as The Head of Clinical Innovation for Imagia, an AI healthcare company based in Montreal.
Most recently, Dr. Kanevsky has been inspired by the vegan movement and has adapted his practice of medicine and surgery to help his patients around the world transform to be the best versions of themselves with the help of a plant based diet.
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